The increasing numbers of private accommodation capacities indicate that this industry is developing increasingly and fast. Forums, workshops, education… also indicate that there are many stakeholders, who want to be part of this “family”: tourism society, banks, various organizations and all the others who have been indirectly associated with tourism through various industries.
Can we stop in the race between seasons and look at the accommodation through creative „eyes“? Can we visualize ourselves new ideas and opportunities for a moment? Being different, being special, but not in the crowd of identical people, unique, create our own small personal story in this big branched and monotonous mass of objects in private accommodation.
This is suggesting a personalized tourist accommodation, it adapts to every type of customer privately, family accommodation, Bike accommodation, accommodation for persons with disabilities, alternative accommodation… You can come up with an authentic group of guests, or guest profile that you want to attract to your accommodation. If we step back from all the classic notions of private accommodation, we will realize that the customer nowadays and in the future strives to be a special guest for you and not just one in a row.
Creativity, energy, imagination, vision… are some of the qualities that bring monotony to a completely new level. Allow some of these virtues to lead you in a new direction of your business at least for a moment.

Lecture on personalized private accommodation HGK Pula

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