XIP_7283-2I am Davorka Jurić, interior designer

I am the owner of Giorgini Ltd. Company, which is a part of this interesting and creative job announcement.
I live in Pazin, and besides working at the office, I work with you in the field very often. I cover the complete Istrian area and other regions, if necessary. In some cases, I may offer you my services „virtually“.
I work as an interior designer since 2006, but before that, I was decorating some of my own residential and business premises. Projects are hand drawn in watercolor technique, because this is the best way to put my emotions into ideas for your „new“ space.
I work as a Home Stager since 2012. Home Staging is intended for real estate sellers.
In 2013, I became the assistant of Renters Club, in the area of consulting for interior decoration in private accommodation.
In 2014, I graduated from Feng Shui School and became a consultant for decoration of residential and business premises by the principles of Feng Shui methods.
I also often participate in various educational events as a lecturer on various topics related to interior decoration.
To begin with, you can look at some of the completed projects, as well as some of those still in progress here: http://giorgini.hr/en/gallery/.
Most important thing, which I can promise is that I will be available from the beginning to the end of the project, and that I will give my best to jointly achieve your desires and successfully accomplish a project.

Philosophy and approach

There is beauty in every human being, sometimes it is natural and visible while sometimes we have to try to find our own personal beauty.

The same philosophy can be applied in the interiors, because each room can have a „soul“ because every room carries certain memories… When we live in interiors that are carefully designed, we feel the harmony and their personal beauty.

Interior design

Designers learn about design every day during our career through work:

  • on various projects,
  • with various clients,,
  • with masters of all professions that we select, engage and recommend.

We learn about traditional and new styles, materials, technologies…

We try to make you see your wishes through our eyes: functional, improved, visually compact, upgraded with ideas, materials, art or restored, long forgotten and discarded items…

Each of us is an individual for himself, so that first moment of our conversation is very important, when so-called “click” between you as a client and me as a designer is happening, because after that I become a part of your life for some time, as a designer of your residential or business premises, during the project.

Mutual trust, understanding and open communication are the key to the successful realization of the projects.