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We have listed a brief description of our services because we approach each client and each project individually, in accordance with the need, stages and time course of the work. Sometimes different services are combined, added or performed in later stages, in agreement with the client.

And the first steps are..

– After initial contact, we arrange a meeting time, preferably in your facility.
– During a facility tour, we are introduced with the specifics of the building, with you and your wishes.
– After we collect all the information we need, we will deliver the offer to create a project or contracting of certain service.
– For each group or type of service, we make an individual offer.



The service includes:

- initial interior layout versions (room planning, disposition of walls, furniture, and lighting)
- after agreement and selection of investors, the final floor plans are made, 3D hand-drawn visualizations.
- script with charted items; furniture, decoration, lighting...
With their codes and prices.
- manufacturing plans for furniture and other plans for the need of carpenters, ceramist...
Each project has a number of specific features, the needs of customers are different, the above services are only a part of the work, which is required for the project, the following happens on our projects:
24 h availability, tel. conversations to work out the various details that happen during the project implementation, tel. consultation if you are for example: in s furniture store, but we have not agreed to visit stores together...
Work on weekends (or when the client is available), more arrivals in the field due to consultation, field meetings with your or our masters...
The organization of work, consultation with other professionals and masters, offer search...


The service includes:

According to the analysis of personalized tourist accommodation:
- Written analysis script with description of what kind of private renting is recommended for your accommodation, for example: Bike&Bed, family accommodation, accommodation for youth, accommodation for couples, accommodations for persons with disabilities, pets...
- After further consultation and review of recommendation/script, your interior is made with the same stream as the No.1 service, the difference lies in the fact that in this service, interior design is adapted to a particular group of guests, and not personal taste.


Business premises that are included: catering business, stores, shops, boutiques, offices, salesroom of various business activities... and all the others that are not listed

The service includes:

Creative and interesting suggestions, ideas and solutions for business premises design.
Floor plan versions of interior
Space planning, disposition of the walls, furniture, lighting, functionality and space aesthetics
Script with written analysis that includes:
Which elements remain in the space, which ones will be changed, which ones will be placed on a new position, which elements will be replaced with new ones
Recommendation of beauty/refurbishment/recycling:
Furniture, walls, small decorative items,...
The script contains new items that are recommended as a supplement to the interior, to bring the necessary harmony and beauty to the interior (fabrics, small decorative elements, plants, lighting...)
After further consultation and review of recommendation/script, your interior is made with the same stream as the No.1 service, the difference lies in the fact that in this service, interior design is adapted to a particular type of business and according to the principles of business premises branding.


The service adapts to business, tourist or private facilities.
Depending on the type, purpose and location of the facility, we help you choose the perfect style for your needs.
After reviewing the space and making an interview about your wishes and ideas, interior is made with the same stream as the No.1 service, the difference lies in the fact that in this service interior design is adapted to a particular chosen style, which we chose together.
Shabby chic - Use of pastel colors, recycled furniture, many textiles in pastel shades, or with flower patterns... This is the style of interior design that exudes the past and looks antique, furniture looks purposefully old (either intentionally produced or really old), painted and re-used.
Industrial shabby chic- Use of recycled/refurbished /items used for another purpose, mainly of metal; wrought iron; aluminum. Use of recycled pieces of furniture in darker shades of wood
Retro / Vintage style - Use of a variety of recycled, refurbished furniture pieces from 50'-80'. Replicas of furniture, textiles, wallpapers, various small items...
Contemporary (Modern) style - Use of clear colors in neutral tones, soft rounded lines that emphasize the shapes and forms.
Modern - Use of clean and straight lines of furniture, shiny or matte surfaces of furniture, large glass surfaces, smooth glossy or mat floors...
Country - Use of simple furniture, shaded tones, the use of natural materials, rural appearance...
Mediterranean style - the Mediterranean colors are dominant, blending of stone combination, wood, metal and Mediterranean details and oceanic themes, large doses of light, space freshness, lavender color...
Or any other style that we choose together



This service is applied in two forms:

- in the aspect of personal field visit, consultation takes about 3-4 hours.
- Consultation via phone or Skype with prior arrangement, sending pictures and other necessary materials.

The service includes:

- Consideration of the exterior and interior of the property.
- Insight into the advantages and disadvantages of space.
- Recommendation/consultancy about: repositioning furniture, reorganization of space or individual parts, clearing space of excess furniture, procurement of necessary items that will brighten up the area, tips on how to improve the lighting, how to properly group images, which parts of the property need to be improved, tips about small repairs or replacements...
- What decorations to emphasize, how to decorate the interior with greenery, textiles, flowers, fruit... Everything in order to adapt the interior and exterior for quality and professional photography before selling the property.
- Script with all the recommended advices is sent after the inspected area and finished consultation. That way, a client has a written form of all given advices, which serve as a base for accomplishing all the necessary recommendations.
The entire service in the form of counseling is based on the principles of adequate property selling in order to adapt the property to the target market and its faster sale.


Due to the needs of clients who are located outside of Istria, and the cost of arrival/review of space, significantly amend a project design. We came up with a service that we are dealing with remotely, and we called it:

„Design in a suitcase“

After a preliminary phone conversation when we defined which service you need, you send us by email pictures of your interior, floor plans, and personally measured space, following our instructions. Based on that, we are sending you an offer for „Design in a suitcase“ service.
If the offer is accepted, we proceed with further consultations via phone, Email, Skype, we are introduced with Your wishes and ideas, and after that the interior is made with the same stream as No.1 service, the difference lies in the fact that we don't go in the field at first service, and the final part - project and script is sent to Your home address, of course in a „Suitcase“.
The service is based on accessible and close cooperation with the designer and the client, due to frequent phone conversation, availability via email or other social networks. The point is to achieve quality cooperation, which takes personal contact otherwise.

We will send you the price list with the offer, including other services that are available to you regardless of project development.
For that reason...
After you chose the service that best suits your needs from the offer mentioned above http://giorgini.hr/en/contact/


The price of service is determined by the characteristics of your facility, such as:
– surface area,
– condition (new or antique),
– location,
– stage of construction,
– stage of interior design,
– targeted facility completion date…